Headed out on vacation? Boarding your dog while you’re away gives you peace of mind. You can enjoy your trip and relax, knowing that your cuddly friend is in good hands.

But one question that might be on your mind is: How much does it cost to board your dog for a week?

Well, there are many factors that can affect boarding prices, including your dog’s size, and the experience you want him or her to have. No matter what you choose, though, in almost all cases, it’s affordable!

At Misty Ridge Animal Resort, we’ve been caring for Maryland’s furry friends for nearly 30 years. And we pride ourselves on providing the best in canine hospitality. We offer spacious, well-lit and heated kennels for our guests, as well as more than 40 acres of trails and pasture for your pups to stretch their legs. And best of all: Our pricing is affordable.

Weekly boarding starts at $174 for a 6-night, 7-day stay, if you pick up your pup by noon on the last day. Yet, that’s our base price for pups less than 30 pounds. There are many additional factors that can affect pricing. We wanted to touch on some of those factors for pet owners in the area looking for a place to board their dog.  

What Affects Boarding Kennel Pricing?

Our boarding costs are fairly standardized, but there are a few minimal fees that we add on depending on a few factors. They include:

  •      Size: Your pup’s size has a minimal affect on pricing. Larger dogs cost slightly more to board for a week, compared to smaller dogs. The reason is that larger dogs tend to eat more, require more water, have a bit more clean-up, etc. Our weight classes are:

o  >30 lbs. – Cost per week: $174

o  31-90 lbs. – Cost per week: $186

o  90-149 lbs. – Cost per week: $216

o  150+ lbs.  – Cost per week: $234

  •      Special Foods: We do charge a small fee if your pet requires specialty foods. This includes any meals that need to be refrigerated or microwaved. We charge $3 per day for special diets.
  •      Medicine – If you would like us to administer any medicines, we’re experienced and are happy to do it! But we do charge a small fee of $1 per dose to administer pills and $5 per dose for IV medicines.
  •      Number of Pets – Planning on dropping off more than one pooch? That’s great! Pups always love having a friend close-by. And fortunately, we offer a discount – 10% off – for each additional pet (if you board in the same run).

What Additional Services Are Available?   

We allow our guests to customize their pup’s experience, and we offer several add-on services for an extra-special stay. Our signature service is the “Pampered Puppy Package.”

Our Pampered Puppies – really, dogs of any age – get a bit more outdoor time, special treats and bedding. This service costs $19 per day and includes:

  •      30-minute morning 1-on-1 playtime
  •      An afternoon nature hike
  •      Premium imitation wool bedding
  •      Afternoon treat time
  •      Bedtime snack

Another option is our limousine service: We offer pick-up and drop-off services to all of Maryland and northern Virginia. For example, we offer $75 one-way trips from D.C., as well as $150 within Maryland (more than 50 miles from our facility).

What’s Included in Our Pricing?

All of our kennels are spacious, giving your pup a place to spread out and relax. And our kennels are all heated. Plus, each individual kennel has an enclosed dog run, providing your put with his own outdoor space to run and enjoy the sun.

  •    Outdoor Space – All of our kennels have 11-foot runs, that provide each pup their own individual space to explore the outdoors.
  •    Food – You’re welcome to bring your own. But food is included. We serve Holistic Diamond Maintenance and Holistic Diamond Puppy Food.
  •    Daily Socialization – All of our guests get the best care. We provide outdoor playtime and socialization with our staff every day.

See what others say about boarding at Misty Ridge. We have hundreds of happy boarders in Maryland, D.C. and northern Virginia.

Make a Reservation. Call Now!

Whether you’re heading out on a trip next week or next year, we’re happy to board your pooch! Contact us now to learn about requirements and make a reservation.

Misty Ridge Animal Hotel provides boarding for dogs all over Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.

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