Year after year, the German Shepherd is one of the world’s most famous dog breeds for families. In fact, in the U.S., German Shepherds take the No. 2 spot (out of a whopping 192 breeds), according to the American Kennel Club.

So why is the German Shepherd so popular?  

Well, there’s a lot to love about German Shepherds. As intelligent as they are beautiful, Shepherds make ideal companions, known for being natural protectors and loving friends. That makes Shepherds great for families.

Are you considering a German Shepherd puppy for your family? There are numerous reasons for choosing a GSD. Here are five top reasons to own a GSD.

  1.    German Shepherds Are Super Smart

You see them on TV as police dogs and service animals. But why do GSDs make excellent working dogs?

Well, it’s because they’re one of the most intelligent breeds. German Shepherd puppies love to please their owners during training sessions, and they’re smart enough to learn many disciplines, from Schutzhund competition to general agility and even service work.

  1.    GSDs Are Fast Learners

Thanks to the breed’s intelligent and its willingness to please, GSDs can be trained quickly. Many shepherds can pick up commands quickly, and they’re fast to learn potty training and obedience.

Consistency, though, is a key to training. All family members should use the same methods to train a new family companion, and regular exercise is essential early in a Shepherd puppy’s life. But with consistency and early training, you can quickly prepare your German Shepherd to be a well-behaved family companion.

  1.   Shepherds Are Known for Their Loyalty and Lovingness

German Shepherds are big dogs, and they’re often portrayed as independent animals. As companions, you’d be pressed to find a more loving and loyal breed.

Your German Shepherd will always be happy to see you, and they’re quick to build strong bonds with their families. In fact, you might be surprised, and some German Shepherds act like lap dogs (or love to hang out nearby)! If you’re looking for a loving breed that’s happy to cuddle or play, a German Shepherd is precisely what you’re looking for.  

  1.    GSDs Are Natural Protectors

German Shepherds integrate themselves into the family (it is pack!), and they’re naturally inclined to protect their pack and home.

That’s one of the most common reasons families choose Shepherds. They’re natural protectors of the home – often the first to alarm the family of an intruder – and they’re skeptical of strangers.  

  1.    German Shepherds Are Strong and Healthy

With a high-quality diet and plenty of exercises (GSDs love daily walks), German Shepherds typically aren’t affected by hereditary conditions. Although German Shepherds are a higher risk for hip and elbow dysplasia – which is common for larger breeds – efficient breeding can help prevent or significantly reduce the risk.

On average, GSDs live to 10-13 years. Choosing the right breeder is the key to health and longevity. The best German Shepherd breeders carefully select animals for breeding, helping to minimize health risks.

German Shepherds Make Wonderful Family Companions

These are just a few reasons families choose GSDs. The list goes on and on.

German Shepherds love to exercise and playtime. They love to go for swims (perfect if you live on the water!) and not to mention, and owners tend to show pride in owning a GSD. In other words, if you’re looking for a loving, loyal and smart pup for your family, a German Shepherd is one of the best choices you can make.

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