German Shepherd History: A Fascinating Look Into the Breed’s Origins

German shepherds are one of the world’s most popular and recognizable breeds. Yet, even though there are millions of shepherd lovers the world over, few actually know how the breed originated. That’s unfortunate because the history of the German shepherd breed is endlessly fascinating.   Here are a few fascinating German shepherd facts: The earliest […]

3 Things to Look for When Buying a German Shepherd

German shepherds are one of America’s favorite dog breeds. In fact, they’ve ranked in the Top 5 breeds in the U.S. for decades. America’s love for the breed makes sense too. German Shepherds are highly intelligent, loyal and loving. Yet, German shepherds do have unique requirements as a breed, and if you’re considering a German […]

How to Prevent Dandruff on German Shepherds

German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) are known for their intelligence and work ethic, sociability, tendency to shed, high energy, and their need for consistent leadership. But, did you know they require a serious long-term commitment for their health and well-being and this commitment extends to special health concerns including skin conditions, and a tendency toward dandruff. […]

How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost to Own?

So you want to bring a German Shepherd dog (GSD) into your life.  Perhaps it’s the memory of watching Rin Tin Tin as a kid or a police dog spring to action.  They are certainly a picture of strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience with appeal around the world often as the preferred breed for many […]

How Smart is a German Shepherd?

It isn’t easy to define intelligence, and measuring it is even more challenging. However, behavioral scientists, veterinarians, trainers, and keepers have arrived at a pretty solid consensus regarding the most (and least) intelligent breeds. There is a bit of variation in the intelligence rankings produced by different authorities, but most place the German shepherd dog […]

3 Important German Shepherd Diet Tips

German shepherd dogs, or GSDs as they’re often called, are some of the most popular and beloved dogs in the world, and it is easy to see why: They are incredibly intelligent, loyal, loving and beautiful, and many consider them to be among the most desirable of all breeds. But to ensure your GSD lives […]

5 Key Differences between German Shepherds and Dobermans

Finding the ideal dog for your family isn’t an easy task. There are numerous dog breeds out there, each with its unique traits. Families looking for more significant dogs – a dog for companionship and as a family pet – commonly land on two breeds: German Shepherds vs. Dobermans. The truth is: Both breeds have […]

Are German Shepherds Loyal Dogs?

German Shepherds are one of the most iconic dogs, known for its looks, smarts, and its loyalty. Regarding loyalty, though, German Shepherds are in a class of their own. Just look at Captain, a German Shepherd from Argentina. Captain has loyally stood vigil at his owner’s grave for more than ten years, according to a […]

What Are the Top 5 Reasons to Own a GSD (German Shepherd Dog)?

Year after year, the German Shepherd is one of the world’s most famous dog breeds for families. In fact, in the U.S., German Shepherds take the No. 2 spot (out of a whopping 192 breeds), according to the American Kennel Club. So why is the German Shepherd so popular?   Well, there’s a lot to […]

Why Are German Shepherds Used as Police Dogs?

German Shepherds are famous for working with police. We’ve seen German Shepherds on TV and in movies, chasing bad guys and tracking criminals. And it’s not uncommon to see K-9 units in airports or at events, sniffing for drugs or explosives, or keeping an eye on things. But what, exactly, makes the German Shepherd ideal […]