Andy von der Roderburg


Sire: Lewis von Malatesta, SchH 3, FH
Dam: Asta vom Ziegelborn, SchH 3, FH

Andy is a very rare dog, one that comes along once a lifetime. He is a big boned, powerfully built, very athletic, black and tan male, with a large neck and head. He has deep rich dark pigmentation, very expressive, always sure and confident in his work.

Like his daddy, Lewis von Malatesta, Andy is a very hard dog, always pronounced in his courage, always in control with very steady nerves, never handler sensitive. Since Andy is very enthusiastic and fast in his work, he has the ability to light up a trial.

Knowledgeable sport people always smile when they see him work. Andy has extremely high play drives, very easy to work with, extremely high protection drives.